Tuesday, 17 March 2015

...bee's little butterfly video

... Well, I had a go at making a little video ... my lovely Agent Jennifer asked me to come up with something for this months agency newsletter so this is what materialised!...I spent lots of time fiddling about, drawing and re-drawing! It's a bit tricky doing that whilst looking down your viewfinder at the same time! Anyway, it's a bit wobbly and ends a bit quick-ish but it was fun to do. I also made a little border to go round it because the video came out a little dark (I was trying for a 'look through the keyhole' type effect!), but my skills aren't up to combining the two on the blog (well, at ALL come to that!!)...but you can see it all put together by a very clever person here if you fancy a look! Thanks for stopping by! xox


  1. Yay, great to see and love the little border you created to go with it. x

  2. Amazing video!! Your blog templates also nice...
    Keep it up!

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