Thursday, 18 September 2014

A not meant to B...

...So, alas and alack the results are in for the semi-finals of the 2014 GTS and, as you may have guessed, poor old Mr. Banjo Bear didn't make it though...The final 6 that did get through made some beautiful work and if you wish to, you can pop along here to see the entries.

...I have to admit to feeling a bit disappointed not to get the chance to proceed a bit further, but only from the point of view of getting that final seal of approval from the amazing panel of industry experts...I don't think I'm quite stellar enough to land that final prize & I'm hoping something will come from getting my work in front of those experts!!...

...At the end of the day, I've learnt a heap and had a great experience. I do work a lot better singing to the tune of my own guitar, so as the lovely Dawn Machell says over on her blog today, plan B will probably work out so much better than plan A, so now its time to move on from Lillaland and get my own wheels turning...Thanks Dawn :-) xx


  1. Aw Bee, you're fab anyway, you don't need to win a competition for people to see that! Just keep doing your lovely work and I'm looking forward to your blog post 1 year from today xxxx

  2. Sending you a :) and a hug plan B will be great. xx

  3. Aw, Dawn and are both truly marvellous!!! Ta a bunch & onwards and upwards!! xxx