Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Floating on my cloud…the story & the process

…I'm shocked and amazed but there is fabulous news to share...I've managed to make it through to the second round of the Lilla Rogers Studio 2014 Global Talent Search…holy heck, I never imagined when returning from my jolly holidays that I would be posting my submission here on the blog along with this incredible news…I am literally floating on my own personal cloud ... Work from nearly 1000 artists and illustrators has been whittled down (a super tough task I'm sure) to a 'final 50' and I am thrilled beyond belief, if still not a bit dazed, to be one of them…

…I definitely wasn't going to enter this year…absolutely not…the timing was way off for a start: it was announced that the 1st round brief would be going out on Tuesday 5th August. Well, that was no good, we had a family camping holiday to France booked and were leaving to catch the ferry on the 7th…that just wasn't enough time?…Or was it??? Curiosity over the brief (which asked for a piece of wall art on the theme of terrariums) and then a last minute window suddenly opening up at the 11th hour meant I ended up chasing my rainbow after all... I spent all of Wednesday 6th from 8am until 10pm glued to my drawing table chair & monitor…there wasn't time to come up for air…I drew a marathon, but was it enough?

…I didn't think so. To my mind there were quite a few unresolved issues: I wanted to play with the colour more & didn't want this part of my design to be so literal…my thoughts were revolving around autumnal reds, oranges, mustards, pinks and browns with a bit more of an emphasis on neutrals…Had I added enough texture? Was there enough depth and I definately felt I should have addressed the background behind my little terrarium a little more. To cap it all off the brief also asked for a little paint….eeek…thats been awhile and there just wasn't the time to play. So you see, I was under way loads of pressure & when I pressed the submit button, I really felt I was sending out an unfinished job.

…So, when I dared to look on Lilla's site this morning where the final 50 are revealed (please go over and have a look…the work from the other semi-finalists is truly amazing) you'll understand I was a little stunned to find myself amongst such other fabulous talent-ness! But also so darned happy, happy happy…I did it, I did just enough to make it through.

… And as for my process? Well, that's a simple one…I like to draw, draw, draw…it's the same with every piece I make: along with bits of inspiration I find from literally anywhere and everywhere (my eyes are always on the look out!), it's all there in my head and those first initial sketches of the idea are my happy place…making what's churning in my mind a kind of little reality by putting it on a page. Then it's just a case of scanning those drawings into Illustrator, refining them, adding the colour and then the best bit: making the little details…and its true, I really do 'delight in the little things'! But you know what? I absolutely must get down from my floaty cloud now because round 2 is calling and I've got work to do….Toodlepip! xoxox

Sunday, 3 August 2014

au revoir...

warm sun © beebrown 2014
…It's that time of year again when I start thinking about packing everyone up (and almost everything), closing down the Hive and heading off to our little van by the sea for our Summer hols…yippee!!!…Just a few more loose ends to tie up, the odd little bit of work to finish, a little project to do and then, whoosh, by the middle of next week we'll be off and heading for the sunshine (hopefully)!... So here's a little illo of what I hope we'll find on our travels…

… It's time to say cheerybye folks, toodlepip for now and I'll see you all soon - have fun! xoxoxox