Saturday, 22 March 2014

jelly patterns...

…The deadline for our March Bootcamp assignment is looming fast (tomorrow night) & I decided to submit my Jelly & Ice-cream pattern to the Bootcamp Gallery yesterday but without any co-ordinates…The gallery goes live on Tuesday so I'll be sure to post the link. I knew as soon as I'd uploaded my design that despite not really having the time, I wouldn't settle until I'd made some, so, being now slightly square-eyed and starving, here are my co-ordinates that I started making at 4 AM this morning!!…Oh the things we do!


  1. I'm impressed 4 am! Did you survive the rest of the day? it was worth they look lovely, especially like the first one. x

  2. Agh, I know, t'was a bit early but brain just going 'whir whir' so had to get up & make them!! Thank you popping by Tracey :-) xx