Thursday, 13 March 2014

jelly & ice-cream...

'jelly ladies' ©bee brown 2014
…the days are whizzing by and we are already into month 2 of Bootcamp. The theme for March has been 'Jell-O' and to create some designs for the bolt fabric market. A bit of a tricky start but then inspiration struck as I was going off to sleep one night and suddenly started thinking about Willy Wonka!

…well, that's as good as any place to start so after looking at some Oompa Lumpa's, I started developing these jelly people with their jelly hair... and somehow its not right having jelly without ice-cream so there's some of that in there too…

…so, here's a snippet of my pattern so far & I'll keep you updated of any developments! x


  1. Really love your jellied ladies! Look forward to seeing what else you come up with. x

  2. it's looking so great Bee!! Lovely as always :)

  3. Thanks Tracey and Jill :-) x