Tuesday, 18 March 2014

an english bee...

 …a very English Bee has popped into the Hive today…the one and only and very lovely Tracey English!…Such gorgeous beehives Tracey! - might need to move my little studio hive over into one of yours!! I first met Tracey through the Make Art That Sells Course where she has been developing her gorgeous illustrative style… all her artworks are originally made from tissue paper which she then scans into the computer. She is based in London.

…Tracey's brilliant maps can be found on theThey Draw & Travel website and Tracey's lovely blog is here. Enjoy and thanks for popping by! x


  1. I love Tracey's work, it always makes me happy. The London map is so wonderful, it reminds me of home :) /Niki

  2. You're welcome Tracey. Fun to feature you! And thanks for popping by "My Scandinavian Home'!