Monday, 17 February 2014

monika forsberg...

…Carrying on with the loved-up-valentine theme, there's another busy bee buzzing into the Hive tonight…the lovely Monika Forsberg. She has brought with her some gorgeous illustrations to show you… I love her hand-lettering and really unique use of colour. I first met Monika on the Make Art that Sells course and now we are class-mates again in Bootcamp. Originally she hails from Lulea in the very north of Sweden, but then later in life came to London to study animation at the Royal College Of Art & a career as an animator, writer & director then followed. The multi-talented Monika says she is now making the transition from animator to illustrator & feels she is doing so "as a little butterfly"! A fabulous website awaits anyone wishing to find out more here:

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