Friday, 21 February 2014

library finds...

 …It's half-term holidays for us this week and I had promised Big and Little Bean that we would take a train journey into Birmingham and go and visit the newly built Library…WOW! It truly is amazing…I had been a little sceptical to be honest  because I haven't been a fan of how it's been looking from the outside…But, you can't judge a book by it's cover (pardon the pun) so we decided to be open minded and explore the inside…

…And it is incredible inside…big, open, light & airy, the inside spaces don't disappoint in the slightest…The children's library on the bottom floor is lots of fun with a lovely, large stepped story area covered in beautiful illustrations (see left) and lots of sofas for snuggled up story time...Further up on other floors are moving walkways, contemporary gardens that overlook the city and even a glass elevator up onto a hidden garden on the roof (very Roald Dahl!)

…But of course the thing that most caught my eye were these lovely black and white illustrations…I only managed to grab a few pics but there were so many of them and all depicting scenes from various fairy tales…I could have spent the day just photographing them!…(Sorry they're not great) but through them I hope you get to enjoy just a little bit of the brand new library too…x

Images are © Birmingham City Library

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