Monday, 3 February 2014

bootcamp begins…

…Lilla Rogers 'Bootcamp' begins today…I so enjoyed her MATS courses last year, that when this class popped up I couldn't resist giving it a go. A much slower paced course than MATS, these bootcamp assignments are given & worked on over a month (rather than being squeezed into a week)…& our February project revolves around drawing cuckoo clocks…I love them!!.. My Mum always had one on the wall in the kitchen when we were growing up, & we never tired of waiting for it to make the hour and watching Mrs. Cuckoo do her 'funky cuckoo thing'! But like all good things, one day the cuckoo clock died…am thinking I might revive the tradition & get one in our kitchen… but in the meantime drawings will have to suffice and I'll post some here soon…x


  1. Looking forward to joining you! x

  2. It's a really meaty task isn't it :)! They are quite foreign to me so I am looking forward to drawing some x