Monday, 24 February 2014

bootcamp deadline...

'woodland cuckoos' ©beebrown 2014
…the deadline for our February Bootcamp assignment was 8pm last night, and this is the design with the colour way that I finally decided to submit (these are Lilla's colours + a few extras!)…I felt that I wanted to test my pattern-making skills with this project (especially when working to such a small scale) & found that I really enjoyed drawing lots of little icons and details & then trying to get them to all fit together…I hope that they do…If I'd have had a bit more time I could have twiddled and tweaked a bit more but overall I'm quite happy with it…Roll on next Monday…I can't wait for the next assignment!

Friday, 21 February 2014

library finds...

 …It's half-term holidays for us this week and I had promised Big and Little Bean that we would take a train journey into Birmingham and go and visit the newly built Library…WOW! It truly is amazing…I had been a little sceptical to be honest  because I haven't been a fan of how it's been looking from the outside…But, you can't judge a book by it's cover (pardon the pun) so we decided to be open minded and explore the inside…

…And it is incredible inside…big, open, light & airy, the inside spaces don't disappoint in the slightest…The children's library on the bottom floor is lots of fun with a lovely, large stepped story area covered in beautiful illustrations (see left) and lots of sofas for snuggled up story time...Further up on other floors are moving walkways, contemporary gardens that overlook the city and even a glass elevator up onto a hidden garden on the roof (very Roald Dahl!)

…But of course the thing that most caught my eye were these lovely black and white illustrations…I only managed to grab a few pics but there were so many of them and all depicting scenes from various fairy tales…I could have spent the day just photographing them!…(Sorry they're not great) but through them I hope you get to enjoy just a little bit of the brand new library too…x

Images are © Birmingham City Library

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

prints for sale...

artwork ©beebrown 2014
…Just trialing this 'little house' as a print available to purchase directly from me. It will very much depend on interest levels as to whether it will be viable or not, but print size would be 8' x 10" and a full colour giclee quality print on matt stock. Price would be around £12-£15 + p&p. If you are interested, please pop over to the Hive's Facebook page here & comment on the entry? Thank you! x

Monday, 17 February 2014

monika forsberg...

…Carrying on with the loved-up-valentine theme, there's another busy bee buzzing into the Hive tonight…the lovely Monika Forsberg. She has brought with her some gorgeous illustrations to show you… I love her hand-lettering and really unique use of colour. I first met Monika on the Make Art that Sells course and now we are class-mates again in Bootcamp. Originally she hails from Lulea in the very north of Sweden, but then later in life came to London to study animation at the Royal College Of Art & a career as an animator, writer & director then followed. The multi-talented Monika says she is now making the transition from animator to illustrator & feels she is doing so "as a little butterfly"! A fabulous website awaits anyone wishing to find out more here:

Friday, 14 February 2014

big love to everyone...

'lots of love' ©bee brown 2014
… just sending a little message of love to Everyone today… xoxx

Monday, 10 February 2014

woodland cuckoos...

woodland cuckoos pattern ©beebrown2014
…I'm getting a bit carried away in Lillaland again…the main assignment was handed out today: Use your cuckoo clocks to create a design for a mobile phone case…So, I took my drawings and re-tweaked them a bit, changed the colours a little, added the odd new little illustration here and there, and came up with this… & guess what?…yes, it's in the shop...

Friday, 7 February 2014

going cuckoo…!

'cuckoo clock' ©bee brown 2014
…I've taken my sketches of cuckoo clocks from the Bootcamp class and created some new artwork…this illo here is now going as a print in my shop…just goes to show that nothing has to be wasted or discarded from class!

I would never have thought about drawing cuckoo clocks but they have been so much fun and the more I've drawn & got into the tiny details, the more I've found to draw…I could go on and on!! Lilla hands out our main assignment  on Monday so we will have to wait and see as to what she has planned for us and how the cute little clocks are going to get incorporated into that project…so exciting…I'm glad I've found the time to do some detailed drawings though…I've learnt such a lot from this exercise alone but know from past MATS experience that come Monday my focus with cuckoo clocks will shift again... Roll on Monday….Yippee!!!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

spring fair...

all designs ©bee brown 2014
….had a goosey gander around the Spring Fair in Birmingham today…some lovely stuff on display and look what I found…a fab range of 12 cards created by none other than my good self for Paper House... and the lovely people on their stand very kindly allowed me to take a photo too.... x

…I had hoped to be able to post some more photos of the show but they were very strict this year and absolutely no photography allowed. Maybe next year…x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

letters from flow...

…I just love lettering…don't know what it is about letter shapes that I love so much… must be something to do with the sheer variety in the shapes of each letter form, colour & texture…limitless and endless possibilities & so much freedom for expression… These pics are taken from the latest edition of 'Flow' magazine (yes, it's the edition with my work in so there has to be a token photograph!)… the second pic down shows the lettering that adorns the large A4 envelope that they send the magazine out in…so lovely when you find that on your doorstep!…anyway, hope you enjoy these shapes & colours too, and thank you Flow for my own beautifully inky smelling magazine… a truly inspiring publication! x

Monday, 3 February 2014

bootcamp begins…

…Lilla Rogers 'Bootcamp' begins today…I so enjoyed her MATS courses last year, that when this class popped up I couldn't resist giving it a go. A much slower paced course than MATS, these bootcamp assignments are given & worked on over a month (rather than being squeezed into a week)…& our February project revolves around drawing cuckoo clocks…I love them!!.. My Mum always had one on the wall in the kitchen when we were growing up, & we never tired of waiting for it to make the hour and watching Mrs. Cuckoo do her 'funky cuckoo thing'! But like all good things, one day the cuckoo clock died…am thinking I might revive the tradition & get one in our kitchen… but in the meantime drawings will have to suffice and I'll post some here soon…x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

bee hives...

… it's that time for the bizzy buzz post again…just loving these bee hives… I reckon they are for those bees wanting to live in style!…just gorgeous. x