Monday, 27 January 2014

a brand new customer...

'pretty clouds' ©bee brown 2014
 … completely out of the blue I had a little message this morning to say that I have sold my first rolls of wallpaper from a certain online 'shop'…this took me by surprise as I've had this little 'shop' open for nearly a year and not a dicky bird… I'd given up on it infact … "WELL!", I thought, now I've got a brand new customer for my shop, I'd better get a move on & put a few more patterns in there… so, here one is... I'm thinking little girl's room for this, or as 'shop' sells gift wrap, maybe new baby too?


  1. Congratulations on selling your first rolls of wallpaper!! Love this one, so pretty and cute!

  2. Hi Linda, thank you! Hope all's going well with you x