Sunday, 29 December 2013

bee houses...

… Just a quick 'in-between' post for you today…One of my christmas pressies was a 'Happy Bee Box' and a picture of it sits bottom right in this little montage that I have put together for you… It's becoming more important to look after our bees and so I'm beginning the New Year on a small mission (amongst other things) to do what I can to protect just a few & give them a safe place to have a little snooze…I think the houses are very inspiring to look at too… the combination of the natural colours, textures, shapes and found materials is gorgeous... Hope you enjoy them!

…and for 2014 I am going to add something a little different to my regular postings… At the beginning of each month there will be a feature to look out for that is completely 'Bee' inspired … hope you'll watch out for the 'Bizzy Buzz' posts … see you soon! xx

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