Saturday, 12 October 2013

sidney snowman ...

'sidney snowman' ©bee brown 2013
... some things don't change I'm pleased to say, and Lillaland is most definitely one of them ... still amazingly awesome with so many new, fun and exciting things to learn ...

... weekend posts aren't usually given in Lillaland, but an exception to the rule today was a weekend post including an icon drawing class given by none other than the mega talented Suzy Ultman ... she goes down as one of my all time favourite design heroes, so for me it was quite wonderful to get a little teaching session with her as well as more insight into her background, methods and design preferences ... well, I got to work drawing up a few little snowmen icons based on Suzy's practices, and along with some other little characters, came up with 'Sidney'... and whilst he isn't up to Suzy standards, I rather like him!   Thank you Suzy! xxx

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  1. Need to go check out that post had no idea, been lost in open house all weekend!