Friday, 4 October 2013

painted claudette ...

'claudette' ©beebrown 2013
 ... i'm not totally sure why the urge to pick up a paint brush gripped me tonight, but it did. I don't think I've picked up my paints and brushes for over 8 years (how long....?), so it felt very awkward painting Claudette at first, (she is what popped out of my head & onto the paper) ... but, during the process, I came to realise just how much I've missed it and how utterly relaxing it is to calmly sit and paint. So different to the digital work that I have been creating so much of lately.

... I've clearly forgotten quite a bit too ... my colours are quite dull (the camera shot has made them look brighter) and my hand isn't as steady as it once was... nothing I suppose some practice won't put right, but I think as the nights continue to draw in, practice is what I shall do, and who knows, maybe in time when I've got the knack back again, I might mix it with a bit of digital, techie wizardry to new affect!


  1. Hi Bee! This is really cute! Your hand looks pretty steady to me! I've been thinking of picking up a brush as well... must be Lilla's influence ;) Your blog is adorable! best, Jill

  2. Aw, hi Jill - Thank you! Yep, think it must be!!! see you in class :-) x