Friday, 28 June 2013

mati-rose mcdonough...

This week in Lillaland, it's all been about painting, collage, textures, mark-making and using your own authentic voice to create something someone would want to put on their wall. Not such an easy ask! There was one must, and that was to include some floral motifs, oh, and to use a restricted colour palette according to you astrological sign: I was given yellow and pink.

Mine's almost done and will post soon...

But in the meantime there is this F A B U L O U S new book by one of Lilla's own artists, Mati Rose McDonough, which is jam packed with inspiration and lots of how-to guides. If anyone is unsure of how to make this kind of artwork then Mati Rose's book is sure to put you on the right path. Here's a quick link to Amazon: here ... happy creating!x


  1. Oh wow Mati - I'm so delighted to hear from you! Thank you for saying 'thank you' and all the very best of loveliness for your book. It's smashing :-) xx